Case Study – New country based Pilates Instructor


I was recently talking to a newly  qualified, country based Pilates Instructor.  She asked me for some advice on how to get started ‘off Facebook’ and here is what I told her.

New country based Pilates Instructor


I’m a new Pilates Instructor.

I am a huge advocate for Facebook as advertising/communication with community however my concerns are that I miss a large demographic by solely using this and the sheer volume of content on Facebook does make it hard to stand out!

So those are my issues. Any advice would be great!

Markitech Suggestions

Facebook will of course be recommended but I think to get the others you will still need to look at some very local, personal marketing.

Not many people will go looking for you I’d suspect in your town so you need them to fall upon you via flyers or word of mouth.  People will be buying into you and Pilates so it needs to be very personal promotion for some.

  • Flyers in shop windows / on notice boards where you can get them up.
  • I suspect you’ll have a bit of an education process to go through with some people to get things moving too so you need include some benefits of pilates in your flyers etc
  • Cross promotion / alliances with other like businesses – physios, chiropractors, doctors, sports clubs
  • Industry support – on any directories they have
  • Get promoted if you can on other Facebook pages, Shire, CRC, alliance pages
  • The occasional advert in local newsletters if cheap enough
  • Have some apparel made up with your logo/business on it so you can walk around town and be recognised.  Make sure your logo features the word Pilates prominently and have a distinct colour – not the usual country green or red.
  • Be ready to sell Pilates mats for those that don’t have one if you aren’t going to provide them.
  • I always recommend a website but you wouldn’t need anything elaborate.

These are my first thoughts and hopefully something in there for you.

Let me know if I can help any further.

Here is the PDF of my response.  Case Study – New Pilates Instructor

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