All tailored to what you need.  This can include;

  • Marketing & Online Strategy Development – business review, market analysis, marketing strategy and plan preparation
  • Project Management – website development, collateral development, event management
  • Brand Development – brand proposition, logo design, website design
  • Ongoing Marketing Communication Management – website updating, facebook pages, twitter accounts, forum moderation, brand management, collateral development
  • Online Marketing Management – advertising, traffic  building, email/SMS communication, online PR, link building
  • Website Design & Development – From the very simple to the very sophisticated, from a ‘Do it Yourself’ content solution to a ‘Do it All for You’
  • Search Engine Optimisation –  analytics, keywords, link building, website useability
  • Community Website Marketing & Development – community directories, forums, tourism
  • Online Marketing Workshops – tailored sessions on helping businesses understand the importance and opportunities available with online marketing
  • Social Media Management – from training you and your team to do it yourself, setting it up for you, doing it for you – whatever works.

How do we work?

How Markitech and Peta Thorniley work with you can be completely tailored to suit your requirements.  For example some of the arrangements made with recent clients include;

  • One off consultancy for a fixed fee i.e. business review, strategy development
  • Ongoing consultancy for an hourly / daily rate i.e. ongoing branding & marketing communications development and implementation
  • Total project management for a fixed budget i.e. websites, service development
  • General marketing administration – Set number of hours per week/month at an hourly rate i.e. updating of website, forum moderation, developing & sending enewsletters

The hourly rate varies from $35 – $200 per hour depending upon the level of expertise required for the job at hand and the type of working arrangement.

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