Markitech offers workshops to introduce small to medium sized businesses to the Online world.  These are tailored to the knowledge of audience and the time available.

They range from a brief 1/2 hour introduction through to 2 hour interactive sessions.  They provide businesses with a basic understanding of why getting their business online is important, what is right for the business and how to get started.

Within this we cover

  • Who, how many and how people use the Internet
  • Why it is important to be online
  • How to get online – it isn’t just about a website
  • Domain names & email addresses
  • Websites – the basics
  • Email Marketing – why and how
  • Social media – how to use it for business
  • IMG_6737Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Advertising
  • How much does it all cost
  • How to know if it is working

If you would like to set up a workshop or introductory session, please contact us for more information.


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