IMG_03133 different levels of workshop are offered

Workshops would be 6-7 hours plus an hour for lunch and morning/afternoon tea breaks.

Workshops would include User Guides to take home as reference tools for what has been learnt during the workshop.

All participants would need to come with their own laptop and/or have access to a computer and internet access as they would be interactive sessions.  They would need to be prepared to set up an example website including registering of a domain name and website hosting so actually living the process as they learn during the 2 day Basic WordPress set up.

All one day workshops include follow up support by telephone or email to clarify and provide support for the topics covered in the workshop.

A maximum of 8 people for each workshop is recommended to enable the workshop to move at a pace to cover the required subject matter.

1 Day Basic WordPress Set Up Workshop

1 day workshop would start you off with the basic WordPress website set up.

Prior to the Workshop, participants will be sent a Domain and Website Hosting step by step set up guide.

* A domain name and hosting packaging will need to be set up prior to the workshop *

Workshop content would include;

  • Setting up a basic WordPress website
  • Using
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Menus
    • Widgets
    • Plugins
  • Inserting Content
    • Inserting/uploading Images / documents
    • Inserting links
  • Uploading and using a new WordPress free theme

1 day Advanced WordPress Workshop

It is then recommended that this be followed up with an advanced session to enable them to manage the websites on an ongoing basis and create more sophisticated websites. These workshops would also give them the opportunity to ask for assistance with areas they may have experienced difficulties with.

Workshop content would include;

  • Including Google Analytics
  • Integrating Facebook & Twitter feeds into a website / widget
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Understanding good website content layout/design
  • Selecting and Uploading a purchased theme
    • Using ftp software
    • Uploading SQL script
  • Understanding basic html
  • Opportunity to discuss issues identified to date.

1 day Website and Email Management

Workshop content would include;

  • Backing up a Website (files and database)
  • Updating WordPress software
  • How to prepare an estimate for a website
  • Setting up email addresses
  • Setting up email accounts in Outlook
  • How to avoid being spammed
  • How to avoid being hacked
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Opportunity to discuss issues identified to date.

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